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Keep the electricity you generate on your site!

We're interested to read Tessla, the electric car manufacturer is soon to release its new Powerwall, a home battery that stores electricity generated from solar panels. Historically the problem has been that you can only use the electricity produced whilst the solar panels are producing,...
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BIM for Barns?

ArchiCAD-64Our 3D design software (BIM) benefits Barn Conversions too...

A planning application has submitted for the conversion and extension of an agricultural barn located in the local conservation area near Faringdon, Oxfordshire.

Once converted...

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Planning application for new eco-house submitted

We’re delighted to have submitted a planning application for another eco-house. This house is a full timber frame with super insulated walls, floors and roofs.

The site is a little restricted and the client wanted to make the most of the space available so the design includes a basement under part of the ground floor to house a garage, tv room and WC.

Lower energy bills forever

What if you could design the home of your dreams and also reduce your energy bills? We've just uploaded a new eco-house project onto our website. Working with our German friends Meisterstueck we helped a private client achieve both of these things. Take a look at...
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