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Planning Permission Granted For Replacement House

20160816_Tower FarmWe’re delighted to report planning approval has been granted by North West Leicestershire Planning Department for the replacement of a farm house.

The original dwelling-house is a single storey structure put up by our client’s parents and had been heavily modified and extended but was in dire need of replacement. The site has numerous structures, some left over from the second world war, but all in very poor condition. By a combination of exploring permitted development rights and tidying the site to remove some of the unsightly structures, we were able to agree a replacement farm house which is somewhat larger than the original house. In designing the new house we explored both traditional and modern design. The clients are delighted with the result!


Planning Permission Granted for Barn Conversion

Thinking Buildings are pleased to obtain planning permission for a barn conversion in the Cotswolds. From discussions with the planning department we were encouraged to make use of the barn's existing openings. This kind of open collaboration can often be to the benefit of projects,...
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Your Building In Virtual Reality!


We’ve been producing 3D models of our buildings for 3 or 4 years now and we’ve been sending these models out to our clients, contractors and consultants using an app for phones or tablets. But now the app has advanced and you can use the Google Cardboard app to view these models in a real Virtual Reality environment!

What does this? Well, you can make your own VR headset and use a phone to immerse yourself in a virtual environment and walk around your building…..! Sounds exciting? You can move your head and look around your building.

Want to know more? Just ask, we’re really excited about this.

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The Basement Has Disappeared

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Basements (and foundations) are interesting subjects. They are ultimately lost into the ground, but their design (and installation) is critical.

We’re working with a client south of London to provide a replacement house. The site is very restricted with existing houses either side. The design required detailed thought to ensure the houses either side are adequately supported when the basement is excavated. Happily, the new basement is now installed and peace is returned.