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What Should A School Building Look Like?

  • 20170531_School

A significant number of our Junior and Infant school buildings in the UK date back to the Victorian era, especially those in more rural locations. There has been a lot of talk in recent weeks leading up to the election of spending on schools. At some point many of these buildings will need replacing, but what should a new school look like? Should it be traditional, built from brick or should we be designing more fun, vibrant and inspiring buildings?

Work Placement Student Endures Full Day Staff Meeting

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A great example of where the reality doesn’t quite live up to the image portrayed of Architects in the movies. Whilst our job does involve lots of creativity and variation, a good part of our work, goes into making our systems and management processes work smoothly. Michael is a secondary school pupil on a weeks placement – just bad timing that it coincided with our whole office meeting to run through the update on our 2017 Quality Management Sytems. I did feel for him although he did a great job of sticking with it with just a couple of sleepy nods of the head and a few yawns….we wish him all the best in whatever career he chooses. Let’s hope he doesn’t think the life of an Architect is always that boring!

Furniture From Trees?

Okay, so it’s not strictly Architecture, but it is design and we think this is pretty neat.

In rural Derbyshire there is someone growing chairs, tables and all sorts of furniture.