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Using Colour In Our Buildings

This collage of images demonstrates how we have used strong vibrant colours to create a striking and fun effect at the Christopher Rawlins Primary School expansion project. The overall design is intended to be simple in shape...
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Designing for a Tight Space

Among the many exciting projects we have, the latest is definitely something to talk about. It is a great example of having to creatively work within a tight site and planning constraints, which is so often the case in Oxford City. The proposed mixed-use building brings both retail and residential accommodation together to benefit the local area.  Two spacious, one-bed flats that boost space and has its own private balcony. The building is designed with clean crisp lines, to give the building presence with a contemporary take on a traditional design and form. The residential flats are proposed to be encased in zinc cladding, to differentiate these from the retail unit. This proposal is at concept design stage.

Contemporary Take On A Traditional Road

Designing a contemporary development for an infill site can be difficult enough, but it is made even harder when we have to design on a street where all existing buildings are traditional Victorian houses. It is our job to find a balance between contemporary and traditional and on this particular site in the centre of Oxford we believe we have managed to do so to excellent effect.

The site has many constraints including, the retention of right of way and adjacent properties to three sides of the site, boundaries and working within the requirements of the local authority planning guidance. Our proposal for the site will have a three-bed house and two 1 bed apartments, with their own private front doors, gardens and balconies.  A modern take on the traditional bay window,  zinc cladding has allowed us to incorporate balconies for the occupier’s enjoyment to address the planning requirements to provide outdoor space whilst echoing the local surrounding form. The project is currently submitted for planning approval.