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Planning Application Submitted For Contemporary Eco-Home


We’re really pleased to have submitted a planning application for another eco-home. We work closely with a German eco-home builder who manufacturers super insulated houses in Germany. Meisterstueck is a 114 year old family-run company from Hamlin, Germany, building bespoke houses in the UK.

If you’d like a house like this, or any other design of eco house do call us.



Small Is Important Too


We work on a wide range of projects, some large, some not so large. One thing we believe is that it’s not the size of the project which is important. Every project brings its own unique set of challenges, whether it’s the budget (or lack of budget), timescales or design.

Working with a private client we were set the challenge of developing a design for an extension to a listed mid-terrace house. The couple moved into the house several years ago, but now they have two new little family members and the house just wasn’t big enough. They love the house, the area, and the schools but the house just wasn’t working for them. They needed more space.

Thier ambition was for a modern, light, and open plan living area for the family to enjoy. The old part of the house was poorly lit and split into many spaces. We didn’t want to rip out all the existing walls and destroy the character of the house, so an extension was the right choice. Although they love the house, they wanted an extension to contrast the style of the original house. We worked closely with the Local Planning Department and the Conservation Officer. We met them on site and they could see our reasoning and supported the scheme. The extension is modern, but the form of the roof follows the shape of the adjacent extensions with a type of gable front.

Developing the design in the way we did also allowed original features of the house, such as the staircase to be rebuild. This had been taken out some years ago, to save space but the spiral replacement was awkward and out of keeping.

There’s more work to do as budget allows, but the work has already made a fantastic improvement to the living space.


Planning Permission Granted For Replacement House

20160816_Tower FarmWe’re delighted to report planning approval has been granted by North West Leicestershire Planning Department for the replacement of a farm house.

The original dwelling-house is a single storey structure put up by our client’s parents and had been heavily modified and extended but was in dire need of replacement. The site has numerous structures, some left over from the second world war, but all in very poor condition. By a combination of exploring permitted development rights and tidying the site to remove some of the unsightly structures, we were able to agree a replacement farm house which is somewhat larger than the original house. In designing the new house we explored both traditional and modern design. The clients are delighted with the result!


The End Is In Sight At Business Park

  • 20161117_monument-park

Work continues well on site at Monument Park in Charlgrove, with great progress since the last site progress meeting.  With only a month to go, there still remains a reasonable amount of work, but the contractor is confident they will meet the completion date.

The work is being carried out by E W Beard Ltd for Jennings of Garsington.