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Virtual Reality (VR) Building Exploring #BIMX

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One of the best bits of BIM (Building Information Modelling) for clients is the ability to have a model of your building which you can look at on a smart phone, tablet or computer. You can then spin it around and walk through to get a great understanding of the spaces.

The next logical step is to be able to immerse yourself in a full VR experience, being able to put on a set of uber cool googles and take a look around just by moving your head. Thanks to #BIMX we can do just that.

Gareth was the first to try it in our office and it is pretty impressive.

VAT & Self Build

It is pretty widely known that new build houses are zero rated for VAT, but did you know that conversions of existing buildings to dwelling use can be charged at the lower 5% VAT rate?

We attended an excellent VAT seminar...

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Your Building In Virtual Reality!


We’ve been producing 3D models of our buildings for 3 or 4 years now and we’ve been sending these models out to our clients, contractors and consultants using an app for phones or tablets. But now the app has advanced and you can use the Google Cardboard app to view these models in a real Virtual Reality environment!

What does this? Well, you can make your own VR headset and use a phone to immerse yourself in a virtual environment and walk around your building…..! Sounds exciting? You can move your head and look around your building.

Want to know more? Just ask, we’re really excited about this.

There’s more information here:

Why Do Low Energy Homes Need To Be Airtight?

The idea of having an airtight home might be seen as unnatural or unpleasant to some, but certainly as the insulation used in the floors, walls and roofs of houses increases, we're reaching a point of diminishing return, so controlling unwanted air movement is playing...

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