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Building in the Green Belt

Building within the Green Belt is always challenging, due to it's very nature the Green Belt is there to prevent urban sprawl and keeping the land open and green. A recent planning case has just shown that it is possible to overcome some of the...
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PV-T what? – Confused by Eco acronyms?

Used everywhere, acronyms can leave people guessing what they mean. We're currently looking at a new eco-home, with the possibility of using a PV-T system. What is PV-T you might ask. Photovoltaic Thermal, simple? This is a new type of hybrid panel which combines PV...
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Is solar and micro wind generation really worth while?

A question most people ask is whether it’s worth installing solar and micro wind generation. Our answer to this is you always look to reduce your energy use before considering installing any renewable technology. It’s far cheaper and sustainable to reduce your energy demand before looking to supplement it.

However, this is quite an interesting video from the Energy Saving Trust to help with the question.