Large Modernist House

Work has completed for a large new detached house in the Kent countryside. This new build project is set on a ridge overlooking a low clay weald with fantastic elevated views. The building has been designed with split floor levels and a stepping form to integrate the new house with the sloping land, and to take advantage of the open views and southerly orientation. The striking modern building has sharp geometric lines, and is composed of 3 main building elements, with a grass roofed timber clad wedge shaped structure contrasting with simpler rendered main house and the projecting and oversailing first floor. A large prefabricated panel semi basement provides additional accommodation with access to the lower garden.
The building has been designed to be very energy efficient with very low values (lots of insulation), triple glazed windows and MVHR (energy efficient ventilation and heat recovery system).
The above ground structure and house has been provided by Meisterstuck Haus who manufactured the house off site using a series of wall, floor and roof panels in their German factory. This saves an enormous amount of time constructing the building on site and the main shell was installed and made watertight in just a few weeks. Off site manufacture also allow for a very precisely constructed building that eliminates many site errors and interface issues.