Rural Modern – Part 1

20160908_rural-modern-01A significant number of our projects are in sensitive rural areas. It’s wonderful to be working in such beautiful environments (and it makes site visits an absolute joy!) but it can be a challenge to produce modern architecture fitting of that context. Planning departments can be conservative and often a low key, traditional approach can mean a lower risk of planning refusal. The opportunity to work with clients with the desire to build more modern buildings is great, but requires a careful negotiation with what is acceptable to the local authority.

Recently we’ve been exploring this idea of “rural” and “modern” in a number of projects in the office. We’ve been using traditional shapes and natural materials, but looking for a play of volume, window proportions and sharpness in the execution that brings a real contemporary take on the vernacular without jarring against the expectations of local authorities and neighbours. These are a selection of images that we think exemplify the best kind of “rural modern.”