Rural Modern – Part 2

20160908_rural-modern-02This site is in open countryside near Tonbridge in Kent. The client approached us to design a new 2-bed house for use as a holiday let, replacing some existing disused barns on the site. The site is within the green belt and therefore a potentially contentious location where appearance of the building is critical.

Our proposal is for a very simple linear plan, clad in untreated timber with a pitched slate roof to make a very traditional barn form building. In contrast the openings and glazing in the building have a far more modern approach. Large scale asymmetric openings on the south face open out onto the terrace to provide a strong connection to the outside. These are shaded by steel framed timber shutters and louvres, articulated as separate to the main from of the building. The east end of the building has been pushed in to provide a protected area of terrace and shade the full glazing to the gable end, while maintaining the clarity of the barn shape.

This project is still moving through the planning process but the aesthetic attitude we have taken on the site has been well received by the local authority.