Rural Modern – Part 3


Our client owns a large house in the middle of a lovely village, with a considerable area of land. They came to us to build a new house on some of that land, a house more easily adapted and manageable for later in their lives. The village is in central Kent and has a very high proportion of historic and listed buildings, so we knew this would be an interesting challenge.

The concept for the house is a group of pitched roofed buildings. The arrangement of the three blocks takes cues from traditional arrangement of rural and agricultural buildings, with the larger central building and smaller sections as “additions” made to it.

The main block holds the core of the house, with service areas (bathrooms, utility and plant) and the central circulation; this part is the most traditional in external treatment with a tiled roof, horizontal boarding and a brickwork plinth up to sill level. The two smaller blocks are more modern in their treatment, which zinc roof and vertical cladding, to distinguish them from the larger barn. The principal views from the site are to the south and so the large scale, modern proportioned windows are positioned to take advantage of this. A wide section of glazing to the inner corner of the south facing terrace, shaded by the master bedroom balcony above, breaks down the traditional form further.

The project is to be submitted to planning at the end of September.