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Is solar and micro wind generation really worth while?

A question most people ask is whether it’s worth installing solar and micro wind generation. Our answer to this is you always look to reduce your energy use before considering installing any renewable technology. It’s far cheaper and sustainable to reduce your energy demand before looking to supplement it.

However, this is quite an interesting video from the Energy Saving Trust to help with the question.

Large modernist house

Work has started on site for a large new detached house in the Kent countryside. This new build project is set on a ridge overlooking a low clay weald with fantastic elevated views. The building has been designed with split floor levels and a...
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New member of Thinking Buildings

We're delighted to confirm a new member of the Thinking Buildings team will soon be starting. We can't say too much yet, but towards the end of September a new Architect will be joining us in the Derbyshire office. Exciting times....
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