Monthly Archives: March 2016

Is Your School Ready To Become An Academy?

With the Government announcing that all schools are to become academies by the end of the decade, ending the century-old role of local authorities as providers of education, is your school ready? What is an academy? - Academies are independent, state-funded schools, which receive their funding directly...
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Product Focus – Zinc for roofs and walls

What is Zinc and why would we use it on our buildings? Zinc has been known about and used for thousands of years (originally as zinc ore). It has been used for medical purposes, but also for jewellery before being used in buildings. You can read...
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Projects Revisited

20160224_Withycombe   Re-visiting completed projects can sometimes make you feel like Kevin McCloud! It is always great to revisit completed projects and to see them being used and lived in. Our Farmhouse conversion and extension project in Wigginton is...
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