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Nottingham Trent University Architecture Exchange 2017

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The Architecture Exchange event attracts over 100 students from across the NTU Architectural Design courses to hear presentations by NTU alumni, meet and network with industry professionals and employers, and showcase an exhibition of their current work.

We were delighted to be invited along to view the students work and to help answering questions and providing advice to the new generation of designers. Many of the students wanted to know what makes a good work placement company.

We did take the opportunity to ask about the use of #BIM on the courses. It does seem this is beginning to be taken up, but we would like to see more students coming out of university with a good understanding of the #BIM process.

Virtual Reality (VR) Building Exploring #BIMX

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One of the best bits of BIM (Building Information Modelling) for clients is the ability to have a model of your building which you can look at on a smart phone, tablet or computer. You can then spin it around and walk through to get a great understanding of the spaces.

The next logical step is to be able to immerse yourself in a full VR experience, being able to put on a set of uber cool googles and take a look around just by moving your head. Thanks to #BIMX we can do just that.

Gareth was the first to try it in our office and it is pretty impressive.

Work Placement Student Endures Full Day Staff Meeting

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A great example of where the reality doesn’t quite live up to the image portrayed of Architects in the movies. Whilst our job does involve lots of creativity and variation, a good part of our work, goes into making our systems and management processes work smoothly. Michael is a secondary school pupil on a weeks placement – just bad timing that it coincided with our whole office meeting to run through the update on our 2017 Quality Management Sytems. I did feel for him although he did a great job of sticking with it with just a couple of sleepy nods of the head and a few yawns….we wish him all the best in whatever career he chooses. Let’s hope he doesn’t think the life of an Architect is always that boring!

Planning Success in East Kent

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We are very pleased to be able to report that permission has been granted for this new house near Ashford in Kent. A potentially contentious site in a conversation area village, Thinking Buildings and the consultant team compiled a detailed application to address a number of specific concerns including the visibility of the proposed house and the various ecology issues on the site. We also commissioned professional renders of our design model from Airtight VR, one of which you see here.

Our hard work paid off with vocal support from neighbours and interest groups alike. The robust package of information gave the planning authority confidence in the quality of the scheme and aided the smooth process through the planning system.

Credit should go to all involved and to the very patient client who has waited 18 months from inception to permission. We are all excited to take this project forward in 2017,