Monthly Archives: July 2018

New Commissions For Thinking Buildings

2018 has been a very positive year for Thinking Buildings. We've seen a significant increase in enquiries and commissions. Just recently we've been commissioned for the development of 2 separate light industrial sites in Derbyshire, the redevelopment of a business site...
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Timber Post And Beam House By The Water

The last few weeks seemed to be the time for planning applications. We submitted at least 4 applications and received approval on a number, including the house above.

We’ve received approval for a new 4-bedroom house on the banks of the River Thames. The house is in Flood Zone 3b (the functional flood plain), so we plan to raise the building on stilts to reduce the risk of the house flooding and to provide a flood storage zone beneath the full footprint of the building.

The house will be built by Meisterstueck, a 115-year-old family-run company from Hamlin, Germany, who build bespoke timber-framed housing for the UK. The house is expected to be erected on site in early 2019.

If you’d like to know more about bespoke timber-framed housing or about building in Flood Risk areas please contact us.

Passivhaus For Primary Schools

This sketch image illustrates the concept for Thinking Buildings latest design proposal and bid to build a new super low energy Passivhaus primary school in Oxfordshire. Passivhaus is a highly effective and exemplary way of reducing...
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Creating A Small Business Community

This 3D view illustrates the concept design for a new B1 office/workshop scheme at a well established business park. Designed around a courtyard the design is aimed at creating a business community for smaller businesses and...
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