A New Farm House In The Woods!

Designing new houses in the countryside can be quite challenging. There are many architectural styles, but finding the right style for the site is the key challenge.

Thinking Buildings have recently been asked to help with the development of a replacement farmhouse on an agricultural site. There could be a tendency to design a very traditional ‘farm house’ style building, in brick with a tiled roof.  But for this scheme we wanted to create a building which was more agricultural in style, but with modern elements in a traditional form.

The house is split into 3 elements, a larger traditional brick ‘barn’ type structure, a smaller more modern timber element which might read as a smaller barn and a lightweight glass linking structure. Many barns have large openings, typically for vehicles or livestock use, so we purposely designed large openings to give a sense of large scale. The materials are quite agricultural, with traditional barn brick and tile to the main building, but board-on-board timber cladding and a metal roof to the smaller block which might be found on modern barns. The linking structure is intended to read as a modern linking structure and houses the house stair.

We think the house respects its agricultural setting by using local brick, metal roofs and timber cladding but uses different techniques in a more contemporary fashion.

Time was taken to talk to the Local Planning Authority (LPA) to explain our thought process. The response was very positive. The design has now be completed and submitted to the LPA. We wait to hear the results.

The view is produced in our 3D modelling programme, which allows us to prototype the building and then produce these great semi-realistic views of the house.