National BIM Report – BIM Is Here To Stay!

National BIM Report – BIM Is Here To Stay!

Are you using BIM?

The NBS has issued it’s 10th annual BIM report based on a UK wide survey of the industry.

In 2011, the first report, 43% of respondents has not heard of BIM. How many now haven’t heard of BIM? We do speak to some in the industry who haven’t come across it. It’s hard to believe.

We’re certainly past the point of no return, with 73% of those surveyed now using BIM. We think this puts to bed any thoughts that this is a fad and will go away.

Thinking Buildings have been using BIM since 2011. We very quickly realised the benefits and adopted early. Our biggest challenge is the ongoing support and training of new team members. We often see ourselves as a training centre…

It’s great to hear the same comments that we have known for many years:

  • BIM provides improved coordination of information
  • BIM provides better productivity
  • BIM reduces risk
  • BIM increases profitability

Do you know about BIM or want to know more?