Holiday Let Farm Development, Brackley

Holiday lets farm diversification rural modern contemporary brick timber cladding visualisation

This scheme provides a new building of holiday lets as part of a wider masterplan of farm diversification works for an agricultural client in Brackley, Northamptonshire. The first part of the masterplan was the design and construction of a new farmhouse, the case study for which can be found here. The site for this scheme was the location of the previous farmhouse, so once the new one was constructed it freed this plot for the next phase of redevelopment.

The client has a number of existing holiday lets, which are popular and provide a reliable income stream in their business. This building was designed to complete the courtyard of holiday rentals with a central play space, and includes a communal area in the central space for use as a games and activities room. 

The three new holiday let units include a 1-bed, a 2-bed and a 3-bed unit, with the 3-bed apartment being an accessible facility. A laundry facility to serve both the new and existing units is also included to serve the whole courtyard. The design is traditional in shape to match the other farm buildings, but with the glazed gables providing a focal point for the courtyard. The materials are a combination of red brick and dark stained timber with stone detailing around the window openings, providing texture to the building and referencing rural architectural forms.

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