Monument Park Expansion, Chalgrove, Oxfordshire

commercial office building architecture business park zinc cladding detail landscaping

Thinking Buildings helped Jennings obtain planning consent for the expansion of their existing commercial Business park to provide an additional 6,000 sq.m (64,500 sq.ft) of new commercial office and light industrial business accommodation, across 5 new buildings, including the development of a masterplan and landscaping strategy.

In 2015, Thinking Buildings went on to secure a reserved matters consent for Building One, and were part of the design team that delivered the project through to completion in 2017 via Traditional Procurement.  The project delivered 1,230 sq.m (13,200 sq.ft) of commercial office accommodation over two stories, and is an excellent example of where the entire client and contractor team worked together to produce the building on time, on budget and to a high architectural standard.

The architecture was developed to remain consistent with the existing business park, while the materials and appearance provide a refreshing aesthetic that creates a new identity for the park expansion.  The brickwork plinth reflects the industrial and commercial aesthetic of a stereotypical unit of this typology, while the render introduced a contemporary element, revitalising the building into the current era.  The building ‘wrap’ or canopy is a simple design feature enclosing the primary elevations, allowing us to use limited materials and keep the design simple, thus keeping costs down.

More recently, Thinking Buildings have been working closely with the client to adapt the masterplan to meet current needs, so we hope to see Buildings 2, 3, and 4 come to fruition in the near future.

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