London Eco House

Quite often we’re asked to help in situations where a client is struggling to obtain planning approval for their scheme. We’re involved with many planning applications each year and so we have lots experience of working with many different planning departments. We can help work through the bureaucracy, but unfortunately we can’t do much to help with the timescales of planning departments. They do seem to be getting worse.

This scheme is one such example where our client has previously tried to obtain planning approval for a replacement house, but was refused at application stage and then refused at planning appeal. The council considered their original design was too modern and not in keeping with the traditional predominantly gable-fronted dwellings on the street. We were approached to help develop a house design which was both modern / contemporary but also reflected or took reference from the traditional house shapes on the street. We think it does this well, if we do say ourselves and the client is very pleased!

The house will eventually be built by Meisterstück-HAUS,. The Meisterstück-HAUS system is a timber framed house with very thermally efficient walls, floors and roofs. The houses come standard with triple glazed timber windows and doors. The houses are pre-fabricated in Germans, loaded onto a lorry and delivered to your site in the UK ready for the German assembly team to erect in less than a week normally!