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We work extensively with Meisterstück-HAUS, an off-site house manufacturer
based in Germany. They produce exceptionally high quality timber framed super
insulated houses in their factory, which are then transported to sites across
the UK and Europe for private clients. Once the house reaches site the shell
is completed in a matter of days which has huge benefits both for speeding
the building process and achieving weather tightness as soon as possible.
Off site manufacture also allows for a very precisely constructed building that
eliminates many common site errors and interface issues.

The Meisterstück-HAUS system can provide panelised and more traditional
post and beam pre-fabricated structures, and also a third hybrid route
incorportaing both systems. This means the system is very flexible and allows
Thinking Buildings to design freely to meet our individual client’s needs. Once
installed on site the modules can be clad in a variety of materials, and the
possibilities for the final appearance of the building is more varied than many
other pre-fabricated house manufacturers.

The images here illustrate a selection of the projects that have been designed
by Thinking Buildings and constructed using the Meisterstück-HAUS system.