Transform your old house into an eco home

Transform your old house into an eco home

Have you ever thought about going green, to help your pocket in the long term or help the environment?

Well, there is a great online resource which could help. SuperHomes helps people like you get informed and inspired to improve their homes. So whether you are considering refurbishing or building new and would like to go green, SuperHomes is well worth a visit.

Through SuperHomes you can book to visit one of the houses. Here’s a list of energy improving measures and links to homes where they have been used:

1. Air source heat pump [here]

2. Ground sourceĀ heat pump [here]

3. Biomass boiler [here]

4. External wall insulation [here] or internal wall insulation [here], or with both [here].

5. Zero carbon home [here]

6. Low carbon technologies, such as Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery [here]

The great thing is all these strategies don’t just apply to houses; they can work for businesses, school and many more building types.