What Is Cross-Laminated Timber?

What Is Cross-Laminated Timber?

At Thinking Buildings, we’re always looking for new and innovative building materials and construction techniques. Times change and we need to embrace new techniques which can help deliver better buildings which can be more innovative in design, more cost effective, be lower carbon and higher quality.

Cross-laminated timber, also known as (CLT) is the product most likely to keep people in the structural steel and concrete business awake at night.

The panels are available in a variety of sizes and are great for building entire structures. This includes internal walls and floors and this can be done very quickly. Due to the lightweight nature of the material foundations can be cheaper and smaller. It is clean to use, with little waste, and it is made from readily available, renewable softwoods, which makes achieving high BREEAM ratings easier.

Learn more about CLT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuAya0hRjwU

Click here to see where CLT has been used. http://www.timberdesign.org.nz/files/00680%20Philipp%20Zumbrunnen.pdf

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