Zinc as a building material

Zinc as a building material

Zinc claddingUsing Zinc in our Buildings….

Zinc is a fantastic material to use for roofs but also for cladding the walls, soffits and fascias of buildings. It is an extremely versatile material that can be laid, seamed, bent, shaped and welded to suit many different situations and details. It can be used to create a striking contemporary aesthetic or as a lead replacement where a more traditional look is required.

The image shows how zinc is being used on one of our projects to form a surround or wrap that emphasises how the upper level overhangs the ground floor below. Zinc is used for the roof and as wall, eaves and soffit cladding.

Thinking Buildings has used zinc in numerous projects and we are have detailed knowledge and experience of how to use the material to get the best technical and aesthetic results.

More details about zinc can be found on the VM Zinc website at www.vmzinc.co.uk