Eco Glamping Pods

The trend of glamping appears to be growing year by year. Glamping, for those who haven’t experienced it, is an increasingly popular type of holiday that combines the freedom and adventure of the great outdoors with the comfort and luxury of a cottage holiday. It’s a way to camp while still enjoying modern and comfortable facilities which you might find in a holiday cottage. A type of camping for those who don’t want to be under canvas!

We’ve been working with an eco holiday provider in the Derbyshire Dales for several years to develop an eco-park for pods, lodges and camping. Up until now, we’ve been helping with all matters related to planning, but now we’re into the construction phase. We’re delighted to be working alongside White Peak Design & Build. They have been developing the technical drawings and specifications for the eco glamping pods. There are 7 ‘pods’ which will sleep 2-4 people set in a beautiful semi-wooded area. Glamping pods are a bridge between camping and a holiday home, with them often being closer to camping. These will be fully serviced and offer all the home comforts. What sets these glamping pods apart from regular glamping pods is their sustainable credentials and facilities. Not only will the final holiday makers benefit from fully heated pods, with modern bathrooms and kitchenettes, but it will all be backed up by a highly sustainable design. 

The pods will feature the following:

  • Super-insulated floor, walls and roof, and high-performance windows and doors, all ensuring a cosy living space.
  • PV panels to the roof, generating electricity for the pod, and potentially connected to the other pods to share power.
  • Battery storage for evenings and nights.
  • Low carbon ventilation system with heat recovery to recycle as much heat as possible.
  • Timber construction with low embodied carbon.
  • A zero concrete support structure using ground screws to support the pods.

It is hoped the pods will appeal to those looking for outdoor adventure in the amazing Derbyshire Dales, but also with an eye to comfort and sustainable living.

The site will also feature additional solar panels and EV charging.

Do contact us if you’d like to know more or need help or advice if you’re thinking of doing something similar.

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