Integrated Photo Voltaic Panels

Here’s an interesting idea. Building integrated Photo Voltaic panels. What’s that I hear you ask?

When it comes to fixing solar panels to a roof, it’s all about making sure they stay put, while also being mindful of the roof’s structure.

For sloped roofs, which are the most common, roof hooks or brackets are securely attached to the roof’s rafters or trusses. These are like strong metal anchors that provide a stable base for the solar panel mounting system. They’re usually fixed using bolts or screws that penetrate the roof’s surface and are sealed to prevent leaks. Once the mounting structure is securely in place, the next step is to install the rail system. This involves laying out rails or frames onto which the solar panels will be mounted. These rails are attached to the roof hooks or brackets for sloped roofs. With the rail system installed, the solar panels can then be mounted onto it using clamps or brackets. 

This results in the panels sitting above the roof finish which can be unsightly. But what if there is another way……

A new system by Catnic offers a different route. A metal standing seam roof with bonded solar panels delivers an efficient and effective roofing system that performs just as well as it looks. Unlike traditionally mounted solar PV systems, Catnic SolarSeam is bonded to the roof panel, offsite, creating a low-profile and seamless finish that’s guaranteed to produce energy for 25 years.

The system uses CIGS technology (Copper Indium Gallium Selenide), thin-film solar cells to convert sunlight to energy which is ideally suited to the UK climate. This single solution saves on materials, installation, and maintenance when compared to a traditional system.

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