Listed Buildings Have Many Uses . . .

The core of the Listed Building Consent process is to establish if the proposed works and use are compatible with the historic significance of the existing structure. Part of this is the function of the building. Sometimes changing the function or use of a building is a bigger hurdle than any other part of the application. Converting a historic agricultural barn to a home for example, is changing it’s use, so often a conservation officer will be focussed on preserving more of the form and fabric to compensate for the impact of that change of use. This is an emphasis we are very used to working with.

In the case of this listed building however, a five storey town house in London’s Harley Street, the use as a private dental practice is entirely compatible with the area’s long history of private medical and health practices. The challenge then comes in providing a 21st Century treatment environment while preserving as much of the historic fabric of the building as possible. It has been interesting to see how this changes the key information and detail needed to support the submission. 

This scheme was submitted for consideration in June and we await to hear of the outcome.

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