Low Energy House Out To Tender

Thinking Buildings have been working with a private client in Warwickshire to develop plans for a low-energy home.

A bungalow occupies the existing site and this will form the basis for a new house. It will undergo a complete renovation and transformation. The roof will be taken off and replaced with a new timber-framed first floor. An extension to the rear will provide a master bedroom with an ensuite and direct access to the rear garden. Finally, the building will be wrapped in insulation, with a new insulated ground floor and roof. An MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery) system will be installed to recover heat from extracted air from the bathrooms and kitchen. The air is then passed over a heat exchanger to pre-warm fresh incoming air. The house will be heated and generate hot water from an air-source heat pump. New external doors and triple-glazed windows will be installed.

This will transform a poorly insulated 1960’s bungalow into a modern, warm, and comfortable house for the 21st century. It also serves as a great example of the creative reuse of an existing building, injecting new life and locking in carbon.

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