Natural Ventilation at John Port Spencer Academy

We are excited to be working with ventilation company, Ventive, to install natural ventilation systems in the new science expansion project at John Port Spencer Academy.

Natural ventilation supplies fresh air in a building without the need for electricity.  It harnesses passive forces such as wind speed, and internal and external differences in pressure.  There are many benefits to this type of system, including lower maintenance and a reduction in carbon emissions both of which have positive environmental and financial impact.  The Carbon Trust found that buildings with natural ventilation save an average of £30,000 a year.  

Building Bulletin (BB) 101 provides standards, regulation and guidance on ventilation, thermal comfort and the indoor air quality in school buildings and also states that designers must consider a passive approach to ventilation that designs out the need for mechanically operated systems.  Post Covid there have been concerns over the air circulation in more traditional air conditioning solutions and understandably focus has shifted to more natural ventilation.  Ventive’s innovative systems enable effective monitoring of the air quality within classrooms and school buildings which results in healthy and comfortable learning environments.

To find out more about Ventive, visit their website  We will share more about our involvement in this project as it progresses.

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