Post 16 Building Opens!

We’re delighted that our very own Jess has officially opened the new Post 16 building at John Port Spencer Academy in Etwall, Derby.

Jess was invited to open the building due to being a former pupil, and having been actively involved in the delivery of the new Post 16 building. She has personally overseen much of the process, from the initial design and planning stages, to construction information, along with regular site meetings.

Jess has made an important contribution to the development of the new Post 16 building. The experience, although a little odd for her at the start being an ex-student, has been really important for her professional development and enabled her to cement her development in architecture. Students need to have their horizons broadened, to see where careers can lead them. Hopefully highlighting Jess’ achievements will show what is possible.

This scheme was formed in two parts, a full refurbishment of the existing Post 16 facility, and a substantial extension to increase the sixth form capacity. The main aim was to deliver a new, vibrant, and modern learning experience aimed at students transitioning from school to a university style environment. The scheme also set out to achieve a low carbon building, both by upgrading the existing building and providing a new thermally efficient extension with a low carbon technology air source heat pump heating system.

Thinking Buildings worked alongside Adair cost consultants and Uttoxeter based ABA Consulting Engineers to successfully deliver this project.

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