What does your building say about your business identity?

As a business, your physical office is a key part of how you make an impression, both on clients and on employees. An attractive environment can help you win work, and attract and retain the best talent. We have just submitted an application for this office refurbishment scheme, to refresh the corporate identity of the client’s existing premises for exactly these reasons.

Thinking Buildings have been working in collaboration with Hawkins Projects and Brady Corporation on a refurbishment of Brady’s existing office building. The current facility is quite dated and has a poor layout for modern working practices. The new proposal re-orientates the building to the north entrance, and through recladding and internal refurbishment, brings the offices up to modern standards both in terms of thermal performance and operational function. 

The new entrance is designed to provide a considered arrival for staff and customers, improving the street frontage and giving a clear, considered corporate identity to the building.

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