Success at Planning for Gap Site Development

We’re happy that this great scheme has received planning permission this week!

A gap site on a residential side street in East Oxford, this scheme provides nine 1-bed and 2-bed apartments with easy access to all the amenities of Cowley Road. With adjacent buildings on three sides, the challenge of this site was negotiating the mass of the building against existing openings near the boundaries. The current building on the site defines the maximum heights of the new building, which comprises of two main forms, a two-storey pitched roof form and a three-storey flat roofed section.

The palette of the building is kept simple with a predominantly brick façade, with interest created with reconstituted stone facades and varying planes to the brickwork. The pitched roof is in slate, with the entrance being signposted by zinc standing seam cladding. A car free development, designed to meet the new thermal and energy consumption regulations, this building will be highly sustainable.

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