Sustainable Office Breakthrough in Falkland Islands

We’re thrilled to announce our continued collaboration with Consolidated Fisheries Limited (CFL) in the Falkland Islands as we embark on designing their cutting-edge new office building.

Our journey with CFL began in 2018, exploring possibilities for a groundbreaking office space. After obtaining outline planning approval in 2019 for a prime location on the outskirts of Stanley, we’re back at it, working on detailed plans for a reserved matter planning application.

Excitingly, we’ve just submitted the planning application for the new offices, a design that beautifully integrates Falklands’ distinctive features like colored wall cladding and metal roofing. Infused with a touch of commercial modernity, the design mirrors CFL’s branding and ethos.

In line with CFL’s commitment to sustainability, we’re crafting a low-energy masterpiece. Picture this: a well-insulated timber frame, triple glazing, a heat recovery ventilation system, PV panels, and an Air Source Heat Pump for space heating.

This project is both unusual and thrilling, and we can’t wait to keep you updated as it unfolds. Stay tuned for the latest on this groundbreaking and sustainable venture.

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